Happy New Year Sooner Family!

While 2020 had its share of undeniable challenges, a strong finish during the last quarter allowed us to almost break even for 2020. This was possible despite generating only 25% of our usual revenues during the same time period in past years. As a result the financial State of the Club still remains strong.

We definitely felt the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We responded to it by delivering more content specific to the club utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram. We made growing our social media presence a #1 priority.

In addition we also used our newsletter, Sooner Shorts, to deliver important content such as requests for donations, memberships and short stories about Sooners in Georgia and their connection to the University and to our club. Our hard work turned out to be what saved us from a disastrous year and one of the keys to our success! We would not have had the success we had without all of you who donated money and became members in our club! A special thanks goes out to our anonymous donor, your contribution really helped to make December truly a month to remember!

In mid-December we opened our own online store selling merchandise, “Designed by Sooners for Sooners”. We were able to generate $750 dollars in sales in less than a month. In the last quarter of 2020 the members of the OU Club of Atlanta also elected a new Board and Committee Chairs.

All of this success would not have been possible without the support of our outgoing President Jeff Hughes.  He has served in the role of President for the past 5 years and guided the club through some exceedingly difficult times. Jeff will continue to support the club by providing web support and helping to grow and guide our social media presence along with serving as our President Emeritus.

While 2021 will continue to bring many challenges, it also brings the promise of new opportunities, renewed energy, excitement, and a willingness to take on all challenges ahead. Our new committee is ready to deliver results!

Our main goals for 2021 are:

  • Triple our membership in the club. This is a lofty goal but we’re going to work to make it happen!
  • Increase the revenue generated by our online Store by continuing to sell our “Designed by Sooners for Sooners merchandise” not only here in Georgia, but also nationally!
  • To continue increasing our social media presence, giving us more opportunities to sell our products to Sooner fans and alumni everywhere!
  • We’re going to put a real emphasis on seeking out opportunities to serve and to help people in the community.

There’s so much more we want to tell everyone but we can’t, just watch us!

In closing the ultimate factor in determining our success is YOU! We’re asking YOU to help us by becoming a member of our club! We’re asking YOU to help us by purchasing some of our OU merchandise. YOU can also help us by becoming a sponsor, by donating, or by volunteering your services at an event! We’re not getting paid for any of this, we’re all volunteers. We’re doing this for the love of our University!

The proceeds we raise goes into our scholarship fund to help send high school students living here in Georgia to the best University in the country. Just remember the more money we raise the more that goes towards our Scholarship fund!  Please make sure to keep an eye out for us in email, on social media, and in Sooner Shorts. Happy New Year, and continued health and success!


James Arrington

President – OU Club of Atlanta