Hello to The Members and Friends of The OU Alumni Club of Atlanta,

It’s been a while, and we just wanted to let you know how things are going with the club.  The pandemic this year has impacted all of us. We’re sure you know someone who lost a friend, a relative, a family member, or a neighbor to COVID-19.  It has forced us to change our lifestyles including participating in group activities.

The OU Alumni Club of Atlanta has taken this pandemic very seriously. Despite the pandemic, we have continued to work behind the scenes. We debated about not having any events this year, including our watch parties. Safety concerns for our club’s senior members were a real concern. We didn’t have the “The Annual Kickoff Party” because of COVID-19 concerns. It’s a great event to catch up with friends, alums, and listening to guest speakers; It’s also an opportunity to renew annual memberships with the club.

After much careful consideration, we decided to start having watch parties under very strict guidelines. We scrambled to get ready for the opening game watch party. Surprisingly we had between 60-65 guests attend this event. While considered a success, we couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of the folks at Hudson Grille and the Club members who helped to make this event a success. Rain at the last minute and the large turnout for the game forced us to make some changes, as a result, we provided both indoor and outside areas to watch the game. We also provided masks. We’ll continue to work with Hudson Grille to not only ensure your safety but to also provide you with an experience worthy of sharing with friends and family.

Other success stories to talk about from last week’s event were the 10 people who signed ups for memberships. We also raised $625 through raffles, donations, new memberships, and renewals for the University of Oklahoma. Let us reiterate, the money raised from all events sponsored by the OU Club of Atlanta goes directly to the University of Oklahoma to fund scholarships for high school students in Georgia. We’re a little behind in reaching our goal so at this time we’re asking for your help.

Please makes a small contribution to the OU Alumni Club of Atlanta by donating, signing up to become a member of the club, or even something as simple as participating in our raffle drawings. The money we raise will help us to grow not only the club, but more importantly, help us to grow the University of Oklahoma brand. If you haven’t joined yet, please go to the Club website, click on Membership and scroll down to the link “Join The OU Club of Atlanta”.

Watch Party invitations for the Kansas State game on Sept. 26th have been sent out over social media last week and will continue to be posted up until game time. Please make sure to reserve a seat so we can make the proper accommodations with Hudson Grille.

In early November we will be asking for nominations for new board officers and chairs for the 2021 calendar year (Must be current members). Voting for officers and chairs will take place in late November. Positions to be filled are as follows:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer / Secretary
  • Chair Positions
  • Membership
  • Scholarship
  • Events
  • Communication / Public Relations
  • Webmaster

To vote, you must be a current member of the club. The transition of new officers and board chairs will begin gracefully in December with those individuals assuming their roles in January of 2021. This will allow plenty of time to prepare for events like the “Opening Season Kickoff Party”, Watch Parties, and community services events.

If you’re interested or you know someone who may be interested in becoming a board officer or chair, please let us know by sending an email to the OU Club of Atlanta (ouclubofatlanta@gmail.com).

In closing, we all know 2020 has been a year we would like to forget. Let’s make SOONER football one of the memories about 2020 to hold on to because of a great season. Thank you for your continued support of the OU Alumni Club of Atlanta and The University of Oklahoma.


OU Club of Atlanta Board